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Industries we work with

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Learn more about The Burnie Group’s expertise in your industry, and how we can help transform your business.

The Burnie Group’s industry-focused expertise, enables us to understand the nature, market demands and complexity of each organization we work with. Led by senior, top-tier consultants with deep experience in a multitude of industries, The Burnie Group does the work and delivers insightful, practical recommendations ensuring that our clients succeed.

Read more on each of the industries we work with below.


Financial Services Industry

Financial Services Industry and banks in particular need to evolve as quickly as consumers do. The Burnie Group supports our clients in retail, commercial, and corporate banking to design strategies that tap into new customer segments, leverage multi-channel offerings, and build efficient operations.


Insurance Industry

Insurance industries have been reluctant to change for decades. We support both life and non-life insurance clients with the development of strategies, and in transforming operations including underwriting, policy administration, claims management, and multiple support functions.


Retail Industry

As one of the fastest moving industries, retailers should be constantly finding better ways to address and serve customers. We help retailers–both in the fast and slow moving consumer goods segments–to reinvent the customer experience, and ensure that back-office and support operations are lean.


Telecommunications Industry

Technology development cycles are ever-changing and accelerating, and telecom providers should constantly adjust in order to capture and serve customers. The Burnie Group helps telecoms reinvent their business model, and redesign their operations and field services.


Healthcare Industry

The Burnie Group aspires to enable healthcare organizations to deliver better care while staying cost-efficient. We introduce new and innovative technologies to push healthcare delivery and operations to the highest degree of quality.

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